Emily's Reels Terms & Conditions

Emily’s Reels provides affordable Showreels for performers in all categories, which is a necessity when being put forward for high profile jobs within the industry. We can work on existing footage and compiling the best clips in a reel, or start from scratch (also offering help with monologue choices, filming [with Indra Studios], and direction - to provide you with guidance from start to finish). Thorough communication is extremely important so we can get the best quality results for you – please be precise in your requirements. We also offer other services; e.g. Photoshoots, hair and make-up artists, self-tape recording, etc. For group bookings; please contact us for more details.

What is a Standard Service?

Our Standard Service has no set timeframe for completing the Showreel, and is suitable for those who are willing to allow Emily’s Reels to work on it in stages - particularly if the customer wants anything additional whilst the edit is in progress - adaptability is often key. The Standard Service ensures there is minimal distraction to your own schedule (e.g. for booking in monologue filming, as it would be scheduled around you and at your pace). On average, subject to customers’ requirements, a Showreel can be completed between 3 weeks and 3 months.

What is a QTA (Quick Turnaround) Service?

Our QTA Service can take between 3 to 5 working days from filming (if any) and is suitable for those who are in urgent need of a new or existing Showreel edit, and will therefore be given priority ahead of other Showreels in progress. As this will be our main priority, and additional editor resources may consequentially need to be employed, the total cost of the reel is more expensive. (Please check our website for current pricing.)

What happens after the final edit?

The final edited version will be yours to keep and you will have sole usage rights of the Showreel. All final edit will be sent via ‘Wetransfer', which is valid to download for up to seven days. If the file has not been downloaded within that period, please contact Emily’s Reels to resubmit (but, depending on scheduling, resubmission may not be immediate). Final edited Showreels and/or Headshots will normally appear on Social media platforms, such as Twitter, Instagram and Facebook pages of Emily’s Reels for promotional and advertising purposes, as well as Emily’s Reels website. If you do have any objection to having this uploaded to Social Media platforms, please inform Emily’s Reels IN WRITING and in advance of the final edit.


We also kindly ask for a Testimonial once the customer is fully satisfied with the end product. Testimonials can be emailed through to: emilysreels@gmail.com These will be posted on the website and Social Media platforms.

Payment Terms:

For our 'Standard’ service [see description, above], the customer is required to make an initial payment in the equivalent of 50% of the total quoted charge, no later than 7 days in advance of filming. Acceptance/signing of our Terms & Conditions, and the 50% balance will require payment (in cleared funds) to be made no later than 48 hours prior to filming. For our 'QTA' (Quick Turnaround) service [see description, above], the customer is required to make an initial payment in the equivalent of 50% of the total quoted charge, immediately upon accepting/signing of our Terms & Conditions. The 50% balance will require payment (in cleared funds) being made no later than 48 hours prior to filming. For editing of existing film footage (i.e. no filming required), the customer is required to make payment of the fully quoted charge, and accept/sign our Terms & Conditions, prior to any editing/other work being undertaken.


For Photoshoot images; the customer will be able to view all images taken from the session. Three retouched (specific instructions must be given to Emily's Reels editor), high resolution images from the unedited selection will be included in the total price. If more than three images are required, please specify to the Editor and a further invoice will be raised (with payment required before receiving the completed, retouched, additional images). (Please check our website for current pricing.)

Cancellation of filming:

If you are scheduled for filming and cancel within 24 hours, Emily's Reels will not refund due to short notice. If it is an absolute emergency, only a rescheduled filming date will be made.

Showreel Complaint & Refund Policy:

In the unlikely event of a dissatisfied customer, any complaint about editorial performance must be raised no later than 7 days after provision of the finished edit. If Emily's Reels believes the complaint is justified a refund will be given, but under no circumstances will such refund exceed 30% of the total pre-paid invoice. Such refund is solely at the discretion of Emily’s Reels and only applicable to Showreel services - i.e. does NOT include any other add-on services (e.g. make-up, hairstyling, costume, monologue recording, etc), nor any Photoshoot work.